Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I May Have Killed My Dog...

I woke up today full of vim and vigor and decided Zoe (my shepherd-husky) and I needed to go on a very long grueling walk in the fall sunshine. We ended up going almost five miles to this awesome park (and back of course). It was such a refreshing feeling, to actually BE active.

See, I had started being pretty active and productive with a workout regimen around July, but then I kind of fell off the wagon when I had some family visiting me (isn't that always the way it happens?).  Finally though, I just got fed UP with how badly my clothes were fitting and my general unease with myself. And today, finally, I've behaved.

Tomorrow, I have some yoga set aside, much to Zoe's happiness. The poor dear was stumbling up the stairs she was so worn out from our walk. Kind of makes me realize I really need to be walking her more often....oops... :)

Well the day isn't over, but I completely feel like I can behave all day, and maybe do some more working out this evening! :) YAY!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello World!

I've always enjoyed and found inspiration when reading other's blogs of how they are achieving their weight loss goals. So I thought, well hell, I should do my own!

So about me, hmm? Alright, I'm an illustrator, and a vegetarian (with a penchant for sweets). I've struggled with losing weight, then putting it back on for eight years, and I've finally realized I'm probably sabotaging myself. Ergo, blog! My biggest goal for losing weight is health, honestly. I don't want to suffer with the health problems I see most of my overweight family members grappling with. The runner up motivation is to be "hot", haha! I have a wedding to attend in a few months and I would like to have a great grasp on my health (and be a few pounds lighter and exponentially more toned) by then! And the third motivator is that my birthday is in the summer and I've never in my life worn a Bikini and I feel like my 24th birthday will be THE birthday I wear one! :)

Yesterday was a bitch. I was at work from nine AM to ten PM. I ate all three of my meals out (not something I try to encourage myself doing). For the most part, I made a concentrated effort to eat well. Until the french fries snuck into my mouth. Terrible!

Honestly, here are my biggest weaknesses:

-French Fries
-candy (usually the sugary, non chocolate kinds)
- sugar in general, really!
-Lack of motivation to excersise
-emotional eating
-that nagging voice that says "ooh you can't do it, you'll just have to stay fat!"

And here are things that motivate me to do better:

-Cute clothes I want to look HOT in
-The feeling that comes when I see a man I find beautiful and long for, finding the skinny girl next door more to his liking
-the stronger voice in my head that says "uhm, hello? you're cute, and the chub is just a shield you're hiding behind!"
-Other weight loss blogs
-the fact that I'd love to not get eyebrows raised when I say "i'm a vegetarian" (followed by the often voiced "really? but....you aren't stick thin!")
-Watching my mom and biological father struggling with diabetes, staggering weight gains and gluttonous consumptions of fast food and fried things

My goal for today is as follows! I'll behave and eat green and orange and pretty veggies and fruits and the ubiquitous pulses that I have around instead of trying to convince myself I've somehow earned grease and chips and cookies, hehehe! Also, I will get back on track and work out to my yoga X dvd (it's been a month since I fell off of THAT particular wagon). I will take the dog for a VERY long and enjoyable walk, and savour the blissful fact that it is the first day of fall over here.