Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I May Have Killed My Dog...

I woke up today full of vim and vigor and decided Zoe (my shepherd-husky) and I needed to go on a very long grueling walk in the fall sunshine. We ended up going almost five miles to this awesome park (and back of course). It was such a refreshing feeling, to actually BE active.

See, I had started being pretty active and productive with a workout regimen around July, but then I kind of fell off the wagon when I had some family visiting me (isn't that always the way it happens?).  Finally though, I just got fed UP with how badly my clothes were fitting and my general unease with myself. And today, finally, I've behaved.

Tomorrow, I have some yoga set aside, much to Zoe's happiness. The poor dear was stumbling up the stairs she was so worn out from our walk. Kind of makes me realize I really need to be walking her more often....oops... :)

Well the day isn't over, but I completely feel like I can behave all day, and maybe do some more working out this evening! :) YAY!

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